Dutch Funeral Museum ‘Tot Zover’

´The way we deal with death tells us a lot about who we are, about our origins and about the times in which we live.´

This is the motto of the Dutch Funeral Museum ‘Tot Zover’, which opened in 2007. Situated at Amsterdam´s ‘Nieuwe Ooster’ cemetery, it explores how we dealt with death in the past, and how we deal with it today, on the basis of four themes: Rituals, The Body, Mourning and Remembrance, Memento Mori.

Our society is constantly changing. This affects mortuary practices, funeral rituals and the way we mourn, as can be seen in the permanent exhibition. The Mourning and Remembrance section showcases Chinese mourning objects, a mourning bible, ash pendants and mourning jewellery. This part of the collection also includes a parlAmore mourning button.

For more information on the museum, go to: www.totzover.nl

An impression of the Dutch Funeral Museum ´Tot Zover´
The Dutch Funeral Museum
‘Tot Zover’
  parlAmore in the showcase 'Mourning and Memory'
a place in the showcase
‘Mourning and memory’