Recognising a secure e-card

It is important that your e-card is recognised as secure. Non-secure e-cards are regarded as spam, and may contain viruses.

The recipient will see that your e-card is secure because the name of the sender will be clearly stated, and include a link to an existing website where the card can be viewed.

Will my e-card arrive properly?

There are a number of reasons why an e-card might not arrive properly:

1. the email address given is incorrect.
2. the email arrives in the recipient’s spam or unwanted email folder; if the recipient notices this, he or she can still view the e-card.
3. the email is blocked by the provider on suspicion that it is spam; the recipient will not be informed.
4. occasionally, your e-card or personal message will not be displayed exactly as intended. This might be browser-related.
5. parlAmore cannot be held liable for any damage resulting from the non-arrival or incorrect arrival of an e-card and personal message.