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The parlAmore mourning button:

in onyx: in onyx: round gemstone, 4 centimetres (1.57 inches) in diameter, entirely black and completely smooth.



in jasper: round gemstone, 4 centimetres (1.57 inches) in diameter, red-brown, sometimes with white or grey veins and not always completely smooth.


pendant (back)

The mourning button can be worn as a brooch, a lapel pin or a pendant on a black double-sided velvet ribbon. A chain is also supplied so you can extend the ribbon, the length ranging from 44 to 56 centimetres (17 to 26 inches).


brooch (back)

you can wear the mourning button as a brooch on a blouse or dress, for example.


lapel pin (back)

To attach it to a thicker fabric, such as a coat, the brooch can easily be converted to a lapel pin


mother-of-pearl button

button: on delivery a white mother-of-pearl button with a diameter of about 11 millimetres (approx. 0.5 inches) is attached to the mourning button with very strong flexible thread and a specially designed stainless steel clip. See My parlAmore, if you wish a button of your choice.

spare thread


spare thread this strong thread can be reused many times

rubber spacer

rubber spacer to support buttons smaller than 9 mm in diameter

12 crystall pins


12 Swarovski crystal pins for attaching the buttons you collect over the years to the cushion.



instructions with space for you to note whose buttons are stored in the box. The leaflet fits neatly in the bottom of the box.

the two picture mounts

The lid of the box contains two picture mounts, one for a single portrait and one with space for 12 portraits. The mounts contain a picture of a wild pansy on delivery, which you can replace with portraits of your loved ones.. The lid can be displayed seperately. The mounts can also be unfolded and displayed separately.




a template to cut the pictures to size


the little handmade box

handmade stained alderwood box measuring 12.5 x 12.5 x 7.6 cm.
(5 x 5 x 3 inches) with the parlAmore logo on the lid. Use it to store parlAmore and keep the small buttons you collect over the years. Comes with a reversible cushion; on delivery the onyx is displayed on the red and the jasper on the grey sides (the other side is yellow).

a name on the lid


My personalized parlAmore You can have your own name engraved on the lid (at a small extra charge).


the box wrapped in linen


the box is wrapped Japanese-style in white linen.



and is delivered in an attractive bag. Your parlAmore will be shipped in a sturdy cardboard box

greeting card


greeting card with your message if you are using the gift service. The card can be stored in the bottom of the box.





NB. The fittings are made of black anodised aluminium and are not magnetic.