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parlAmore, united in loving memory

Mourning and memorial jewelry with and without ashes

Helena van Essen, visual artist in Amsterdam. Designer of this personal as well as universal mourning jewellery

Are you looking for a special memento of someone close to you? Do you want to wear a stylish piece of jewellery with some of your loved one’s ashes? Or without ashes? With parlAmore jewellery, you can feel connected with your loved one in a very personal way. The jewellery on this website has been designed by Helena van Essen, produced in-house and delivered directly from the workshop. All jewellery can be personalised.

Assortment without ashes: Mourning Buttons in onyx and jasper, Mourning Pin with leaf vein and with pearls. With ashes: 3 Cabochon-Ashes on rings.

Featured: the parlAmore Mourning Button
personal memento and tangible keepsake

The idea? You wear a button from a piece of clothing belonging to the deceased on a gemstone of onyx or jasper. To be worn as a brooch, pin or pendant at moments when you want to feel extra close to your loved one. Buttons from different deceased persons can alternately be worn on the gemstone. Almost all buttons fit on it. Collected in a stylish black box, these buttons form a tangible memento of the loved ones who have disappeared from your life.
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The Mourning Button can be worn as a pendant, lapel pin and brooch. Here a young woman is wearing it as a brooch on her jacket.‘After my father died in an accident, I felt an enormous cold. When I wear my Mourning Button, I can feel his warmth coming back to my body a little bit.’
‘The beautiful stone with an ordinary button on it makes people curious and they ask questions. Then it is easier to explain that you are grieving.’
‘The Mourning Button allows me to honour and commemorate subtly but is also a source of comfort in difficult situations. It’s like I have a ‘guardian angel’ with me.’
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Why a mourning symbol?

Until the twentieth century, wearing mourning clothes after the death of a loved one was a matter of course. Mourning was done in public. Nowadays, mourning a loved one’s passing is a private matter, something you’d rather not bother others with.

However, this has also meant that it is no longer a matter of course to give people who have lost a relative the attention and support they need. Because of this, many mourners risk becoming painfully isolated. Wearing a piece of mourning jewellery can help to break through this isolation.
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