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Mourning Pin

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Elegant and contemporary mourning symbol (without ashes)

The parlAmore Mourning Pin was designed as a ‘funeral corsage’ for the loved ones of the deceased. Increasingly, they are choosing to keep the condolence informal. It can be pleasant for visitors to the funeral if they can easily recognise the next of kin. A portrait can be slid into both variants. The Pin can also be worn as a mourning symbol. Extra: The Mourning Pin is delivered in packs of 5.

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About the shape of the Mourning Pin

The shape of the pin is derived from the diamond-shaped piece of cloth that people used to wear on their sleeves as a sign of mourning.

In the background, you can see the veins of an ivy leaf, the evergreen ivy representing eternal life. There is a luxury version with two real pearls, symbolising tears.


A portrait of the deceased can be slid into both variants. For this purpose, the pearls can be easily removed and later replaced –  when the photo has been removed. To cut the photo to size, a template is included with each Mourning Pin.

About the design and packaging

The Mourning Pin is made of synthetic material, it weighs 2-3 grams and has a size of 3.5 x 4 cm. At the back, there is a lapel pin with a pin protector. At the bottom of the box for 5 are so-called ‘pillow packs’ to pack the pins separately. The pin is only delivered per 5 pieces.

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