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Cabochon-Ashes on a ring

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Cabochon-Ashes (for little ashes, some soil or a hair lock) on top of a silver ring. Very classy!

In this element, made of bronze, silver or patinated bronze, little ashes, some soil or a hair lock can be kept. It comes with an exclusive, handmade box.

Please note that because the ring is custom made it is not possible to return it.

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About the name: Cabochon-Ashes

The element on the ring is called "cabochon", derived from the gemstone cut into a smooth, spherical or oval shape with a flat underside.The name Cabochon-Ashes refers to worked gemstones. The word “cabochon” (ka-bo-shon) is both the name of a particular technique for cutting precious and semi-precious stones and a designation for stones cut in this way. Cabochons are stones with a round or convex top without facets and with a flat or slightly concave underside. Because the element on the ring also has this shape, the name was chosen.

About the product – choice of material

The choices offered here are:


  • sterling silver
  • polished bronze
  • patinated bronze: after processing, the bronze takes on an uneven colour ranging from light green to blue-green


  • sterling silver

There is a fixed price for the combinations of silver and bronze.

The possibilities for personalisation are:

  • a different (own) stone instead of a pearl on top
  • have a name, initials or date engraved
  • integrate a photo of the deceased into the lid of the box

Do you have other wishes? In consultation with our silversmith, many things are possible. For further information, please let us know your questions and wishes via the contact form. We will contact you to discuss the possibilities.

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How to fill the cabochon yourself.

Hold the cap with the open side upwards. The filling is now placed in the cap after which the bottom is glued on. This is not so difficult but it has to be done carefully. The glue is industrial 2-component glue, suitable to seal the element air- and watertight. The glue is included in the delivery.

This is how you can determine your ring size.

If you already wear a ring regularly.

  1. Take a ring that fits you well and wear it on the finger where you want to wear your new ring. Preferably a ring that is not much wider or narrower than the parlAmore ring: it is 4mm wide at the inside of the finger and 7.5mm wide at the top.
  2. Take a ruler with a clear millimetre scale. Place the inside of the ring on top of the 0. Measure the distance from inside to inside at the widest point. This is your ring size.
  3. Always round up the number of millimetres to the next half millimetre.

This can be useful:  Measuring your ring size.

PLEASE NOTE that because the ring is custom made it is not possible to return it.

Do you have a question?

Do you have a question about the delivery time, for example? Then take a look at the FAQ.


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